Mayan Medical Aid
Photo: Mayan Medical Aid
• It has been an incredible adventure! The knowledge and perspective we have gained will undoubtedly make us better physicians and people. We admire and appreciate all that you do for the world. Please let us know if we can help you and your cause in any way. – KC & LC

• . . . the best rotation that I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of during my medical career. –AHB

• This program is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved. Everyone benefits. You have sacrificed so much to bring high-quality medical care and important training opportunities to two very different groups of people. The result is nothing short of amazing. – SM

• I can't tell you how much your program and the Spanish training has helped me clinically here. My Spanish speaking nurses were shocked at how much I had learned. Patients are so much more accepting of me as a provider when I attempt to speak to them in Spanish, it breaks down a huge wall and I feel that I can provide much better care, despite exchanging less words. Even when I have a complicated encounter and use the iPad translators, I still try to speak Spanish as much as I can and the translators have complimented me on my attitude/ efforts and use of the language! Thank you so much! – HR

• I am coming home with lots of new Spanish words in mind, a new perspective on the world, the work I do, my patients, and, I have to say, myself as well. – MK

• I am so grateful for my experiences here in Santa Cruz. Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to take time and energy out of your day to teach. – HK

• I loved working at the clinic, learning Spanish, and getting to know and spend time with you. I will miss your Medical Spanish sessions, your stories, your jokes, and even your constructive criticism. I will miss it alot. You are a wonderful mentor, and Santa Cruz is lucky to have a doctor like you. – JL

• I really admire what you've done here, and I hope it continues to grow and develop. So, thanks for everything and being a superstar. – LB

• I wanted to thank you, again, for the amazing month that I had in Guatemala. It feels like so long ago that I showed up with no knowledge of Spanish or understanding of what I was about to participate in. And yet the month also went by so fast, I didn't want it to end. I learned so much, not only Spanish, but also about international medicine, the unique culture of people and the need for medical attention at Lake Atitlán. Words cannot describe the amazing experiences that I had in Guatemala. It has definitely inspired me. – CC

• Thank you for such a wonderful experience in Santa Cruz. I'm sure everyone has a unique experience when they come down. For me, my trip to Guatemala marked a turning point in my residency training (and therefore life). It marked the transition from crazy, down-trodden intern year to refreshing, exciting second year. My time in the mornings at the clinic and then resting at the end of the day allowed me to re-boot and remember "Oh yeah, this is why I went into medicine"... because it's awesome!! – RB

• I hope all is well in Santa Cruz, I miss it dearly! Thanks again. – FM

• Thanks again for an amazing month and for allowing us to participate. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and were sad to leave (and even sadder to be back to the grind in the US). We have learned so much more than medicine & Spanish from you, your staff, & all of the patients, and we are forever grateful for that. – LL & CA

• The education in medicine, Spanish and culture of Guatemala I received in the past 26 days has been more than I thought possible. This has truly been an enlightening experience. Extra thanks for letting me tag along to Casa Del Mundo and for Paulina's birthday lunch. – CM
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