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Mayan Medical Aid's educational program is without equal. It does what no other program can. It combines clinical experience with both lectures and the chance to provide medical care to over 7,000 truly needy, indigenous Guatemalans.

In this sense, the program is a win-win situation for all involved: participants learn Spanish and cultural skills. And the patients receive care otherwise not available to them. What is best is that participation in the program is guaranteed to change one's personal and professional life - for the better and forever.

The program makes it clear that understanding the science of medicine is a necessity, but it is not sufficient. Compassion and seeing the world through the patient's perspective is the greatest skill we as health practitioners can possess. But we need to develop it.

Acquiring sufficient clinical and cultural skills requires the practice, repetition, and expert teaching, exactly for which Mayan Medical Aid is known and appreciated. As such, the course combines lectures, clinical experience, home visits, and Spanish and cultural immersion.

What participants gain is an unmatched learning experience. What they become is a better provider of health care.

The base of operations is Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, where we serve approximately 8,000 indigenous and poverty-stricken inhabitants on the North shore of the magnificently beautiful Lake Atitlán.

The daily schedule allows time for lectures, clinical practice, medical and dental health promotion, and recreation. Program Topics and Objectives include the following:

• Becoming more proficient at speaking Spanish

• Fostering compassionate patient relationships

• Treating patients of different cultures

• Acquiring diagnostic and treatment expertise

• Alleviating pain and suffering effectively

• Making patient interests of paramount importance

• Viewing oneself in the patient's situation

• Inspiring patient confidence

• Becoming expert at global health
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