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Housing Options
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We will help you to arrange any of these options.

A) Shared Homes

Shared student houses typically are vacation homes owned by foreigners. They are furnished, have full kitchens, a private garden, both private and shared rooms, shared bathrooms, and hot water.

Shared houses generally are not single-gender. Some shared houses have two twin beds in a room - however, this arrangement is not always available. Having a roommate can lower the cost of the rent. Additionally, some shared houses have full/queen beds, and couples traveling together can request to share a room.

The price per week of a shared house depends on which homes are available and how much of the occupancy we can fill at any given time. Generally, the cost per person is approximately $80-100 per week. This amount includes utilities, hot water, and cleaning. It does not include food, bottled water, laundry, or a cook.

Approximate costs:

Housing: $80-100 per week
Food: $80 per week;
Bottled water: $2.75 per 5-gallon container;
Laundry: $1 per pound;
Cook: $10-12 per day (optional)

B) Hostels / Hotels

There are five hotels available in Santa Cruz, at a variety of price levels. Their websites and price ranges are listed should you wish to arrange your own lodging via email. If you would like us to arrange lodging for you, please let us know.

All hotels in Santa Cruz have hot water, but not in abundance. The options are as follows:

1) Dorm bed in a backpackers' hostel (shared bathroom): $30-35 per week

2) Rustic private room (limited or no electricity, shared bathroom, some with balconies and a lake view): $40-75 per week

3) Mid-range private room (electricity, private bathroom, but may still have a 'cabin' feel): $80-90 per week

4) Standard hotel "apartment" with private bathroom and kitchenette: $90-110 per week

5) Nice hotel room with gas-heated hot water, queen or king-sized beds, and private balcony: $250+ per week.

These amounts include utilities, hot water, and cleaning. They do not include food, bottled water, or laundry.

Approximate costs:

Housing: $80-100 per week
Food: $140-200 per week (restaurant);
Bottled water: $2.75 per 5-gallon container;
Laundry: $1 per pound.

List of Santa Cruz Hotels / Hostels:

La Iguana Perdida:

La Casa Rosa:

Arca de Noe:

Islaverde Hotel:

Villa Sumaya:

C) Home Stay

The home stay is a better deal economically, and it includes better food and better immersion. It has become our most popular housing option.

Several families in Santa Cruz are amenable to hosting 1-3 students in their simple, but pleasant, houses in the village. These houses are only a few-minute walk from the clinic.

Although the accommodations are much more rustic than the "gringo" houses down by the Lake, the home stay certainly is a more authentic Guatemalan experience. This option includes a private bedroom; a private or shared bathroom; hot water; three Guatemalan meals per day (cooked by a professional cook); cleaning service; utilities; and the company of a wonderful Mayan family, who speak Kaqchikel and Spanish, but no English.

The cost of all of the benefits of the home stay is Q1000 (~$132) per week, and is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

There is no language pre-requisite for participants who want to do a home stay. Families are very understanding of the language differences and help participants to communicate.

Approximate costs:

Housing and Food combined: $132 per week;
Bottled water: included;
Laundry: included;
Cleaning: included;
Cook: included.

Please send us your housing preferences as soon as you are able to do so. You can use the following form to send us that information:

Click for Housing Preferences Form
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