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Nothing is more humanly rewarding than to be able to help another human being in a time of need. Whether that need is small, such as helping an elderly person cross the street, or is large, such as saving a baby with a persistent and life-threatening diarrhea from dying, the welling up of the humanitarian spirit bonds us together like no other human emotion.

We at Mayan Medical Aid have provided humanitarian support for more than 15 years. We have given over 80,000 medical consultations - all with free medicines. We also have performed 7,500 prenatal ultrasounds, started countless IVs, counseled victims of tragedy, made house calls on elderly persons who cannot come to the Clinic, traveled to medically abandoned villages, and paid for surgeries, hospitalizations, and medical transportation.

In so doing, we have garnered the trust of the population we serve. The latter is no small feat, given that distrust for "outsiders" is the norm. As such, becoming trusted also signifies our acceptance as a valuable part of the community. Our patients understand that being cured of diseases or having pain alleviated saves them sorrow, time, worry, and money. The result has been not just good health, but also economic prosperity.

Even having achieved accomplishments, we understand well that we have not come to the end of our mission. The delivery of quality health care needs to be continuous. Our patients still have problems with not being able to secure an adequate education. Indeed, the youth of our community need schools, which actually have books and good teachers. They need to be able to pass university entrance examinations, and they need to become people, who can aspire to achieve a professional status, such as a doctor, lawyer, nurse, engineer, or accountant.

In short, Mayan Medical Aid still has much work to do. And to accomplish everything we need to accomplish, we need other humanitarians, better known as our Amigos!
Craig A. Sinkinson 2016
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