Mayan Medical Aid
Craig A. Sinkinson 2016
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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." – Benjamin Franklin

If you're like our previous participants, you are thirsty for a top-notch, personal experience abroad. You want to get your feet wet with a different language and a different culture. And you want to find out what it is like to be really good at being involved in a genuine hands–on experience.

Perfect Program

MMA's program in Guatemala is perfect for people of all persuasions, professions, and educational levels. It gives you an exciting and integrated experience, and it keeps you on your toes as you learn what it is like to be on the front lines of the war on inequality.

You are riveted by solving one complex problem after the next. You help to provide health care to people who have extreme need. And ultimately, you become a different and better person.

For our participants, this experience is not just a life-changing event. It is their most important life-changing event – the event from which they never can go back. It is the transition that starts them down the road to becoming an empathetic and caring citizen of this rapidly shrinking world.

Three Things Taught Well

MMA teaches three things better than anyone else: Spanish, Global Health, and Cultural Sensitivity – all in one fell swoop. The instruction in language, clinical medicine, and culture is genuine. You are involved as a full-fledged team player.

You learn what people really mean by what they say in Spanish. That skill is different from understanding either vocabulary from a dictionary or tons of unmanageable grammar, which most primary Spanish speakers never actually use.

MMA also teaches you what practitioners on the front lines really do. You experience how physicians adapt the care and caring they provide to the needs of their patients. And most important, you learn what people from other cultures expect from life, living, and health care.

Additionally, you are faced with helping to solve important clinical problems on a daily basis. In so doing, you learn how to ask culturally acceptable questions, and how to interpret, in the correct context, the answers patients provide.

Moreover, you become expert at evaluating the whole person and all of their physical and psychosocial needs. And to top it off, you do all of these things as an integral part of MMA's health care system in a fully supervised and dynamic environment.

And Best of All . . .

To streamline your learning process, we dovetail the didactic with the practical. What you learn in the daily lectures and debriefing sessions is what you use in the clinics. As amazing as it sounds, if you work hard, you actually can help us to take a history, perform a pertinent physical examination, provide diagnostic information to patients, and implement culturally appropriate therapy. And you can do it all in Spanish.
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